Looking For A Plumber ?

Welcome to Optimal Tradesmen Ltd, If you're seeking a plumber than you have come to the right place. 

As a property maintenance company the single most common service we get called for is the plumbing service. From our statistics we have gathered that almost every house or commercial premises requires a plumber at some point during the year. 

Reasons fo needing to call out plumbers ?

Anything that moves is guaranteed to go through wear and tear, Hence plumbing is no exception!

Common plumbing items that go through wear and tear are: 

Boilers, Washing Machines, Dishwasher, Taps, Kitchen Taps, Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap, Bath Taps, Bath Mixer Taps, Toilets, Toilet Syphon, Toilet Flush, Toilet Push Button, Thermostatic Mixer Showers, Shower Mixer, Radiators, Central Heating, Drains etc etc..

As you can see the list is endless, and its no wonder people require the services of a plumber regularly.

How much does it cost to use a plumbing company?

The cost for hirring out a plumber depends on a number of factors. Most plumbing companies these days charge on an hourly basis.

From our research we have gathered that, The hourly rate our competitors are charging range from £90 per hour to £180 per hour, again dependant on whether the job is in the City of London, Congestion & Parking, Time of Day etc.

But during the day the normal callout charge generally range between £90 - £120 per hour

What Plumbing Services Do We Provide ?

As an A-Z property maintenance company, we provide all the different forms of plumbing services. Ranging from pipe leaks to full bathroom installations.

In the Bathroom: Replace bath taps, replace bath mixer, bath mixer shower, repalce bath tub, replace basin, replace basin taps and mixers, install new bath tub, replace taoilet pan, replace cistern or tank. Leak repair in bathroom, new bathroom installation, tile bathroom, replace broken tiles.

In the Kitchen: Install washing machine, install dishwasher, replace kitchen tap, kitchen mixer.

In the Shower Room: Install new shower, replace shower mixer, thermostatic mixer shower, electric shower mixer, replace broken shower tray, re-tile shower room.

In the rest of the property: general leaks, pipe bursts, leaking waste pipes, drain unblocking, replace drain pipes, new drainage pipework

Hope we have covered everything, if not please don't hesitate to call us.

The different areas we cover

We cover the whole of London as well as the Greater London Areas. So whether you need a plumber in Paddington w2 or a plumber in dulwich, we have all areas covered.

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